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The youngest of seven monkeys, Amy has been writing stories since she first learned to make her letters face the right way.  Her work has appeared in Family Fun, Stories for Children and A Fly in Amber.  Her short story, "Baby Steps," was published in Creek Kids, an anthology, and her fantasy novel, The Iron Bodkin, is available through Amazon or by order from your local bookstore.  As an architect, she spends her days remodeling hundred year-old homes in Boise's North End and is hoping someday to find a house with a secret passageway to...anywhere. She is represented by the super-awesome Danielle Chiotti, of Upstart Crow Literary.
Favorite writers and/or artists:  Susan Cooper, Kate DiCamillo, John Green, Angie Sage, E. Lockhart, Laini Taylor, Linda Urban, Libba Bray, J.K. Rowling and my amazingly talented Monkey Tribe.
How I monkey around:  Amy likes to travel the world, run through sprinklers with her son, and google 'little stone houses for sale in Europe.'  She also takes Second City Improv classes because they help with the voices in her head.
For more info:  www.theironbodkin.com
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    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for joining the Turbo Monkey Tribe! We have both a Facebook group page AND this blog. Both will be busy, so if you're a facebooker, be sure to 'like' us there! https://www.facebook.com/#!/TurboMonkeys
      If not, we're happy to keep up with you here on the blog. Cheers!

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