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Monday, December 3, 2012

Craig Lew's Writer's Gift Guide

So, you’ve completed Nanowrimo, yet with all those words you’ve written, you probably forgot your letter to Santa and Hanukah is roaring up on you like the Hogwart’s Express.  

No worries my Turbo Monkey tribe.  I’m here to help jump start that long list of “gimme me” stuff because you’ve been a good writer monkey and deserve something more than a week-old banana peel.

Let’s start with the obvious big stuff.

The latest thing from the fruit stand.  Glorified Ipod Touch?  Yeah maybe, but you can write stuff with it, read books and it fits in a large clutch. (not talking 'bout auto mechanics).  If you don’t need to check Facebook while driving down the freeway at 90 mph, then save some bucks and get the wifi only version.  

If too much fruit gives you the runs, then here are some other options.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 10.1 $299.00 (on sale)
Android powered, it has iPad functionality and a ton of apps and is larger than the ipad mini.

Nook HD 16 GB $229.00
7 inch screen, color, tons of books, now plays movies and also has email and calendar.

Kindle Fire HD $199.00
Less expensive yet approaching the iPad functionality, the Kindle Fire HD 7 is the smaller version of the latest Amazon offering.

Now if you’re like me and have a Splenda Mommy instead of a Sugar Daddy, here are some interesting fun writer-monkey gifts at a reduced investment.

Thai Pad $49.00

No, this is not endorsed by Suzanne Sommers, nor will it help with those unsightly bulges.  The Thai Pad is a reading pillow for your book or tablet.  Made in Thailand by Thai peeps and "with every purchase a donation is made to the International Reading Association's literacy programs in Thailand, so that hands such as those that crafted this bookrest can now also hold books."

Space Pen/Tablet Stylus $25.00

Here is something that has served me very well for decades.  The key feature is that it writes upside down.  So when you dream that next Harry Potter concept, you can jot it down (or up) without leaving the bed.

I keep my space pen in this leather note pad.  Large enough to hold business cards, it's perfect for jotting down story ideas, notes at conferences, or to log contact info from those who claim they’ve run out of business cards.  

  • Comes with an extra pad of paper
  • Pocket for business cards
  • Comes with a mini ballpoint that fits in the locking pen loop
  • Pebbled, full-grain leather with contrast stitching
  • 3W x 1/2D x 4 3/4H
  • Available in black, red, or saddle

Last but in no way least is a gift I am sending to you. 

The gift that keeps on giving.
The gift that motivates me to get out of bed and switch on my laptop.
The gift that has no price tag because it is priceless
and the only gift where to receive it, you are required to give it back...
the gift called FRIENDSHIP.  
Happy Holidays my Turbo Monkey Friends.  


  1. All cool .. but I like the last option ;-) Happy Christmas Turbo Craig!

    1. Awww Hazie,

      Thank you for your support and Friendship! Happy Christmas to you too.

  2. I'd like the mini and the pen and the Thai pad...and tons and tons of the friends, please! :) Happy Monkeydays, everyone!!

    1. Amy?

      You must have a sugar daddy and not a splenda mommy.
      You get a jumprope.

  3. Replies
    1. Might not help get you through a revision but might help you drip hints to your sugar daddy.

  4. Once I drove a Ferrari Dino around Paramount, California. I sprinted & stalled & was completely over-matched. Same feeling with my new phone, so no more technology for a while. But I KNOW I could work the Thai pad and love the Note Card Wallet. Wait...is it December already?

    1. Hahahahahahah! I need to know more about the Ferrari Dino story! That is my all time favorite Ferrari. Also my friend is named after that car...his father raced against Ferrari at Lemans his entire career but was good friends with Enzo. Dino and his German racing legend father Hans Hermann.

      Anywho...I hope your Santa is reading this!

  5. OOOooohh! Love these! I don't even know where to start. Thanks for sharing, Craig.

    1. There are so many more things but these are the top 10 or less.

      Thanks for looking.

  6. Craig, these are great! I love gadgets, pens, and office supplies, so this was fun to read. I have a pen with a light at the tip, so I can jot down those bizarre dreams, thoughts, and lists in the middle of the night without waking anyone up.

    1. I think there's a space pen with a light on it too. So many things that could have gone on the list tho. Thanks Marilyn.

  7. The Thai Pad is on sale! Quick, Santa, now's your chance!
    Thanks for the heads-up on the goodies, Craig :).

    1. I would have dug deeper and put more items on the list but really...everything else pales when compared to the Thai Pad!

  8. I loved this! So many ideas! Thanks, Craig :)

    1. You are welcome EJ. I wish i could have done more. But really where else except the Turbo Monkeys can you find things like a Thai Pad?