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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Life of Pie

by Marilyn Hilton

Today is March 14--which is 3.14, which is short for 3.14159265359..., which is pi. Happy Pi(e) Day, everyone!

To honor the day, I thought it would be fitting to tell a story about pie. It's a story you might have heard before, but I've added visuals and twisted it up a bit. And it's short and sweet, so you can get back to your pie making or pie eating--or pi counting--faster.

Hello! Good morning! 

This is a pie--a whole pie--and it's all yours, the whole pie. All yours.

You have writing to do today. Or some sketches to finish. Remember, this whole pie is all yours.

The kids get up. Your dog needs to go walkies. You check your voice messages. 1 slice is gone.

First thing at work, you open email. Your partner says the bathroom tile is grouty. The garden needs watering. Uh-oh...2 slices vanished. That's okay--there's still almost a whole pie left.

At noontime, your cubicle mate asks if you want to try out the new BBQ down the street. The playdate is at your house. It's time for that oil change. 3 down.

At mid-afternoon you have a teeth-cleaning appointment and read People in the waiting room. It's your turn to carpool and bring snacks to softball practice. Your manager assigns you to lead a new project. Pie = 1/2. Half full or half empty? Hmm...

At dinnertime, you go to a potluck. You play pickup. You meet clients for drinks. Referee a soccer game. 5 slices gone...already?

Then you help with homework, or do homework, or grade homework, or avoid homework. You hop on Facebook for just a few minutes. You watch your marathon recordings of Touch. Pan is winning.

Midnight: Didn't write, didn't sketch. You'll die if you don't sleep.

Nite-nite, pie!


Hey, what happened?

Bye-bye, pie!

Wah! :'(

Everybody wants some of your pie. Be sure to grab your slice first!



  1. Oh, Yes! Marilyn, it is SOOOO very important that we claim our pie. Because no one is going to serve us our pie in bed (along iwth our lap top, some Twizzlers and a promise to be vewy vewy qwiet until we come out.) STAND UP FOR YOUR PIE! (There's less calories that way, too.)

    1. Hey, I disagree...there is one person who would serve you pie in bed...it's the vewy qwiet part he struggles with.

  2. I'm having my slice of berry pie first thing this morning, before the day begins with all its demands! Happy Pi Day!

    1. I read recently that berry pie was once a common breakfast food (not sure where). So, enjoy your pie, Ellen!

  3. I love the visuals Marilyn!

    I get more than my slice...
    but my problem is too many pies to choose from. Movie pie, contract pie, accounting pie, screenplay pie, manuscript pie, reading pie, Smittens pie...and finally Plants vs Zombie pie.

    Smittens Pie is the largest slice.

    1. That's a different problem, isn't it? Can you teach Smittens to type, hold a camera, or read to you? She seems like a really smart kitty :)

  4. What a lovely reminder, Marilyn! Thank you! Sure wish we were sharing a slice of that yumminess today! <3

  5. Thanks, Marilyn!
    What a good reminder! Far too often we tend to Everything Else before we tend to our writing.

    *grabs pie and stuffs it into piehole fast*