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Monday, May 6, 2013

Monkey #1s: The One Thing You Wish You'd Known When You Were Just Starting Out

Amy:  I wish I’d worked harder at studying the craft when I first started (and not just spewed words onto a page.) You do learn by writing, but it’s a trial-and-error sort of learning.

Craig:  That YA should be in first person.

Ellen:  I wish rejection letters had not had such an impact on my early writing, and that I should persevere.

Hazel:  I wish I’d started earlier.

Julie:  Do it entirely for love of it, for the writing itself. That's the only thing (besides the friendships) that will keep you going.

Kristen:  There's no such thing as a day off when you're a writer.

Marilyn:  I wish I had known that writing would take lots of guts, determination, and manufactured confidence

Sarah:  (I heard it but I didn't believe it.) It's going to take a while. It's going to take time to be half as good as I'd like to be. It's going to take a while to become familiar with the industry. But more than that, it's okay if it takes that much time. Lots of good stuff happens along the way, if you have the courage and sense of adventure to stick it out.


  1. OK, I lied...

    That's not the one thing I wish i knew...
    I wish, wish, wish I knew that my life would totally change once i started writing...
    And that I'd be part of the coolest group of writer monkeys.

    Wait, that's two things...

  2. Not possible to choose a favorite because they all are so true!

  3. I like Marilyn's 'manufactured confidence' because it's so true! I have plenty of genuine confidence but then when it gets shattered I have to go on manufactured while my genuine stuff is being put back together. (Sidenote--your word verification is still on. You might want to turn that off to get more comments : )
    Kids Math Teacher

    1. So true, Lucy! It'd be so much easier if confidence was available in bulk at Costco! :)